About Us

The computer industry has been expanding rapidly in the last 10 years
making at home business repair services a necessity.

My experience is 25 years; it began with an old Apple computer and from there quickly moving on to 286 and 386 form factors. As the years have passed, computers have actually gotten much easier to use in a sense.

From the box they are ready to use and most basic operations take less than an hour to learn. The huge difference is the amount of storage space and
the speed of the new systems, with this though they can also get full
of unwanted files and viruses much faster. Learning how to best get rid of the viruses and junk files is an ever changing process and the user needs to keep on top their computer or it will slow to a crawl.

Our company takes many different steps to remove, clean and stop the viruses and pests that slow down systems. We also reset some machines when requested back to original state.Also, when customers request all important files including
photos, documents and music are saved and restored in a nice
organized file system.

To keep costs down the business is run from a home office. By doing this, it cuts down overhead and also the machines that take longer to download updates do not necessarily add hours of cost to be done. In many instances flat rates will be used.

Our company strives for excellence in every respect. The computer is cleaned from outside to inside from dust, stains and dirt. When it is returned to customer it will run faster and smoother. In addition, all the saved files and documents will be neatly organized and easy to find again.