Website costs

Different costs

Costs for website design has changed quite a lot over the years. What you get for free and what you get hiring a professional is quite different as well.

On the cheap website – free to $50
  • do it your self will get you what you pay for
  • very little time spent on the build and upkeep – which will not get you much needed traffic
  • most likely will not get you ranked in searches
  • will not increase traffic to your business and therefore will not create any sales
  • its possible depending on skill set that the website will not look like you want it to
  • google has mixed feelings about free site offerings depending on their tools used to build the site


Expensive website $2000 – $100,000+
  • higher end would be for large companies that use the web for all their sales and to drive custiomers to shop there
  • the website would have huge amounts of hours put in for the build and many more running the site on a daily basis
  • the ROI would be on track here with the right people or company hired to manage the website
  • with todays demand for web presence this would be a must for medium to large companies

resources for the above information – dollarscosts , prices 

Competative website – Zulubiz (Us) under $500
  • under $500 for a full website design that can be customized with customers input
  • affordable monthly fee that includes many hours of work from us in the background to make your web presence a success
  • once built customer can be trained to use certain features
  • many features and plugins to create an excellent web presence
  • professional, affordable,  clean, clear, fast mobile friendly website
  • desktop websites are on the way out so we build the site with mobile friendly features as a priority

What we can do for you – Join The TribeZulubiz for business

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