Follow up after a service sale

It seems that some businesses think after they sell a service it ends there. More so than selling a physical product the business should follow up with the customer.
If I sell a Website with all the proper pages. Contact, about us, products and services etc.  and after 3 months the site can not be found on a google search. There are a number of things wrong.
The SEO is not working. It was not set up or set up properly. On top of that the Webmaster has not followed up to make sure you are being found.
Someone might say the customer should be calling if they are not being found. I say no. The customer called you and hired you to set up the website and run it because they either do not know anything about it or want to focus on what they do.
Most websites put the designer logo on the bottom. The more you help the customer to get noticed the more you the designer get notices. Win win.
Follow up with every service you sell because your business is on the line!

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